Friday, December 12, 2008

Being Rethuglicans

You will pardon my rage. But what are Rethuglicans? I read this descriptive in a comment on The Huffington Post and wondered who might these be. I'm heartsick about the $14 billion dollar bill that did not pass in the Senate for the auto manufacturers.

It's amazing that there was little specification for the $750 billion dollar bailout for finincial institutions. Some believe that besides the necessity of this bailout, there was a massive cover up to save friends at these institutions. Some are complaining that banks who didn't even need the money were forced to take it to save the likes of AIG. Most of this money we do not even know where it has gone.

What, not who, are these Rethuglicans? They seem both heartless and stupid. If assistance does not come from the already allotted bank bailout money, we can just continue to have our portfolios diminish, many more jobs totaling some 2 million minimum lost, and families devastated and divided, many in my hometown. Ugh! Sigh! Cry!

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