Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Being the Singular Eye (I)

Thinking of Bernard Madoff sickens me. Considering him, I thought of the scripture found in the Old Testament in Ecclesiastes 1:8: "The eye is never satisfied." The likes of Mr. Madoff have no other members except for the eye. I want more and more.

"Enough!" (John Bogle's Enough. True Measure of Money, Business and Life is a must read for everyone. It is simply beautiful and so very relevant for our time.)

Did Mr. Madoff not attend Hebrew School? Many people should be imprisoned, including those who turned him in. Others who should have been regulating such firms to avoid such a $50 billon dollar Ponzi scheme that can harm the public, including charities and universities, should be fired immediately.

There are many eyes (I's) involved here.

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