Thursday, December 18, 2008

Being for Pastor Rick Warren

I am in support of President-elect Obama's choice of Pastor Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at the inauguration. Shall we police and protest everything? Should we dictate to the President-elect whom he should choose? This particular choice is not even one that aligns with his personal beliefs. The President-elect supports civil unions. But he will be the president of all the people.

Did the President-elect not just recently include in his cabinet an openly gay woman, Nancy Sutley? I guess the religious right might not be too happy with this choice or that of the Civil Rights icon the Reverend Dr. Joseph Lowery who will be delivering the benediction at the inaguration. Dr. Lowery supports gay marriage. I'm sure they will also have demands of the President-elect.

Which do you think will have the greater impact: the inaugural invocation or the openly-gay cabinet selection?


Catvibe said...

I am also in support of Obama's choice. There is absolutely no reason why people of all races, genders, preferences, and political beliefs should not be included in Obama's choices. He is trying to find common ground with everything and everyone that America is. I am absolutely behind that.

judith ellis said...

So true, Cat. Thanks for that!

Ellington Ellis said...

It seems to me that in you dwelleth all the fullness of writing bodily. :) Great piece.

judith ellis said...

Thank you, dear brother, for your encouraging words. They matter. I smile.

I await you upcoming book on great- grandfather. It's gonna be great! It would also be great to have published your many progressive sermons of many years ago.

Have you ever thought of publishing them? They would be incredibly relevant in such a time as this.

"Same Thing to One. Something Else the Same Thing to Another."

John O'Leary said...

Judith, I thought of you when I heard of Barack's choice of Rick Warren. I knew you'd approve. Now the Right has turned against Warren. Brilliant stroke.

judith ellis said...

You will excuse me, John, but these people are stupid -- those screaming on the left and those screaming on the right.

How are we ever going to get anything done in this incredibly tenuous time if we dwell on extremities? The time calls for a calm decisiviness.

A "brilliant stroke" indeed!

It's good to be thought of. :-)

David Porter said...

There are way too many citizens looking for ways to be offended. In traffic, in line at the grocery store, etc. What's wrong is always available. So is what's right.

judith ellis said...

Wonderful thought, David. It's indeed a matter of conscious effort, isn't it?