Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Being Loyal

Loyalty need not be blase, though sometimes more than not commitment engenders a kind of lethargy, a kind of expectation within normalcy and not the search of an excellent continuum. Loyalty without continual excellence sucks. It is a most unhappy union borne by the mere expectancy of more of the same.

Loyalty often is the breeding ground for lack luster environments. Who really appreciates environments where there is no brilliant insight or edginess intelligence? Loyalty needs the respect of all involved, a respect that causes action, error, beauty, stimuli, forever creation.

Love is the basis of loyalty. Love is passion.


Cynthia said...

You know Judith, I was just thinking about this- loyalty.
How often another, a lover,
spouse, friend, child or even
an employer can take the loyalty
of someone for granted.
Personally, at this chapter in my
life I desire to shake-up people,
so they are so sure of me, especially when I am not getting
what I desire or need.

judith ellis said...

Brava, Cynthia! And there are many ways of doing so. It is also always a give and take.