Saturday, December 6, 2008

Being a Secret Santa

I read the most beautiful story online about secret Santas in three different states who gave to those in need.

"Two secret Santas, one from the Kansas City area and the other from the St. Louis area, descended on thrift stores, a health clinic, convenience store and small auto repair shop to dole out $20,000 in $100 bills, hugs and words of encouragement."

When one unsuspecting lady received a gift of two $100 dollar bills there was a condition given. "The only condition," the secret Santa said, "is that you do something nice for someone. Pass it on."

Will you be a secret Santa this Christmas season?


Epiphany: End Note said...

Yes, I just heard about this on
the news, how wonderful and amazing! I'm sure there is something to offer to someone/s this season, esp. since I'm so
blessed recently and this will
be my mission on a smaller scale.

Oh, I here now, please visit -

judith ellis said...

Yes, it is wonderful indeed, Epiphany. Throughout the year I practice this kind of giving, though I do not typically give any conditions at all.

Giving is so important. I even give to those who MOST CERTAINLY do not need it also as a way of sharing and reminding that "it is more blessed to give than to receive."

There are many ways of giving.

Thanks for the heads up on your move. I'll check you out there.