Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Being a Psychopath II

Governor Blagojevich has done something that no one thought that he would do: appoint a senator to fulfill President-elect Obama's vacant seat. I guess it doesn't matter really as Senator Reid has said the senate will not seat anyone Governor Blagojevich chooses. He really is a psychopath, eh? The governor seemed like a caged animal during the press conference.

What a circus this press conference was. If Blagojevich's chutzpah and actions were not enough, Representative Bobby Rush's asinine impromptu speech said it all. In essence, he openly declared that if the seat is not given to an African American that the seated senators will be viewed as racists. He also threatened to go before various African American organizations thereby making it difficult for them to govern. No disrespect, but he seemed totally out of touch, quite idiotic frankly.

The whole press conference was a mess, perhaps truly indicative of Governor Blagojevich himself. I do not know Roland Burris, but the mere fact that he has agreed to serve as the junior senator upon being asked by such a disgraced Governor questions his very judgment and ambition. Burris seemed to want to escape the heat of the moment. But calling on Representative Rush, even giving him a platform from which to evoke horrific images such as which lynching and castigation, did not bring clarity to the issue at all. It made it worse. I absolutely denounce using race as a threatening tool. It was shameful.

Governor Blagojevich is seeming more and more like a real psychopath. Or, is he crazy like a fox, one who is thinking about avoiding a lesser prison term by choosing some one who by all accounts is blameless? Naw, even if this is so this governor seems totally whacked.

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