Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Being Arlen Specter

Without going into great detail about Arlen Specter's rather moderate voting record, his stance against Anita Hill, support of the Iraq war or the present power grab, I just wonder if Specter should just simply retire. I fully understand the political move with regards to the 60 vote filibuster proof. But I also wonder why there isn't another Democrat in line to run against the Republican Senate candidate Pat Toomey and win. But it ain't called politics for nothing. I guess I'm just weary of the Old Guard and pure political moves that may or may not support the cause of true democracy. Maybe Senator Specter should simply retire. I don't know. Isn't twenty nine years in the Senate a good run?


DB said...

As a resident of Pennsylvania and a liberal, I welcome Specter decision with gladness. Whether he remains in office or retires, his decision is more than just a finger post along the way to a brighter understanding of America's needs and has more than just symbolic importance.


judith ellis said...

Thanks, DB, for your comment, as usual. I appreciate you and wish Senator Spector the best. He is a moderate voice in the Senate and this is very much appreciated. For me, however, the question is much larger than whether he remains in office or retires; it is one of politics and purpose.

I heard the live press conference with the President where Senator Spector talked about his reason for wanting to remain in the Senate. I was heartened by his words. I am still very much concerened about the grooming of young leaders, the necessity of some sort of term limit, campaign financing, and our political process in general.

The symbolism is duly noted.