Friday, April 24, 2009

Being Tom Peters II

"We’re in an age where economic value is created through intellectual capital. Through creativity. Through spunk. Through spark. Through individuality."

--Tom Peters

In my inbox every morning I receive a quote of Tom Peters. The one above appeared earlier this week and I have been thinking of it every since. It's absolutely brilliant and most encouraging. It emphasizes the reality that ideas come from everywhere and that anybody can implement them and add to our economic system.

This is capitalism. This is what millions of entrepreneurs do everyday of the week. There is no business without intellectual stimuli, creativity, spunk, spark and individuality. This age in particular seems to favor these; it's like we've entered a brave new world with regards to innovation and the Internet.

The beauty of here is that ideas can be implemented broadly and sustained based on their vigor and ability to meet needs and desires. Also, there need not be an extremely expensive cost to do business initially. These are all beautiful things.

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