Monday, April 6, 2009

Being Global Leaders

Just looking at this picture of the President and Michelle Obama with the Czech first couple Vaclav and Livia Klausova in Prague one cannot help but to think that this is an era of change. One cannot also help but to wonder if with this change will come fundamental difference in policy. Is it possible for leaders to change and the old system remain the same?

The President and First Lady live in a grand house and probably worship in churches both unlike those castles and cathedrals in Europe. They both seem to be trying to maintain a semblance of their past lives. She does so with community service and personal style. He held onto his Blackberry and greets the guards as he boards Marine One. The President even nodded at the guard at Buckingham Palace. Fat chance he would acknowledge this. He didn't.

Are there any fresh young leaders in Europe? With the ageing of their population and the relative few numbers of births per household, I do wonder about their sustainability and the necessity of global banking, trade, etc more so than other countries around the world. I also wonder that with such a gilded weighty European history if change comes less so for some than others.

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