Thursday, April 2, 2009

Being Queen Elizabeth II

The big talk today is that the First Lady broke protocol by touching Queen Elizabeth. I respect protocol and believe as a visitor to the country or home of another that guests should abide by such. But perhaps some things are taken to the extreme and some protocol should be dropped.

Are you really not suppose to touch Queen Elizabeth in these days far removed from cloaks and daggers, especially after having been invited to her home? How utterly ridiculous! Touch is healing. When my mother lay dying I spent hours rubbing her feet and legs which were often numb from diabetes. One day she looked at me and said, "Judith, your hands are healing."


Bob Foster said...

Yes Judith, touch is indeed healing—it heals the body and it heals the heart. It also appeared to me that the Queen thinks so as well. It can also heal the strained relationships between America and the rest of the world. I believe Michelle and Barack Obama have made more strides in the last few hours, in improving world-wide relations with America, than have any of the last several administrations.

Watching President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama function at this conference gives me a sense of pride in America that I haven’t had for some time. Most of all, it gives me hope.

judith ellis said...

Bob - What a beautful extension of touch, as that which can heal strained relationships even across vast oceans. Yes, indeed! Touch can heal such "relationships between America and the rest of the world."

Americans so feel the pride you spoke of when looking at the President and First Lady at the G-20 summit. As a friend would say, "they're representing!" :-) We are so incredibly proud to be Americans. Around the world, others are also proud that such a leader and his beautiful family have emerged

By the way, has the Queen spoken about what some are calling a "breach of protocol?"

Bob Foster said...

I have not heard of any comments by the Queen, other than she wanted Michelle to "...stay in touch." I think that says it all, coming from the Queen.

I also understand that it was the Queen that put her hand on Michelle's back first, and Michelle then reciprocated. I think it was a great "touch," and I hope we see a lot more of it.

judith ellis said...

Yes, Bob! I just read a piece online which speaks of the semi-embrace as you have described. Long live the Queen and may God bless the First Lady!