Saturday, April 11, 2009

Being Ingrid Newkirk II

After reading that PETA launched an all out assault on the Bidens and the breeder that sold them their German Shepard I was ticked off and realized exactly why extremists of any kind disturb me. I have written here before of Ingrid Newkirk, the President of PETA. She seems to want to restrict freedoms and intimidate with fear. If I want to buy a dog from a breeder that is exactly where I will go. If I want to adopt a dog from a shelter, I will go there. What is for certain is that PETA would not be telling me anything about where I should purchase my dog. PERIOD.

The Bidens have agreed after receiving flack from PETA to purchase a second puppy from a shelter. On PETA's website Ms. Newkirk said the following: "Thanks go out to VP-elect Biden for raising the issue of the companion animal overpopulation crisis in this country, which is as bleak as our economy. Animal homelessness also requires urgent attention by cutting animal breeders off at the pass and bailing out animal shelters." Hmmm, "as bleak as our economy?" I wonder if the consequences are as dire nationally and internationally.

While I completely think that animals should be loved and cared for and that it is our responsibility to care for them as there are not colonies of dogs where there is self-rule. (Although, if you lived in the Bahamas for any length of time among the people, potcakes, stray dogs that roam the streets, you will notice that there is without doubt a hierarchy and system among even these.) It seems that sometimes when there is an absence of spiritual awareness, something takes its place. I am not sure about Ms. Newkirk but she strikes me as an extremist whose God is four legged animals which she uses to intimidate others with threats and violence. Who is she to tell any family what kind of pet to buy. This is probably why it is taking the Obamas so long to buy a dog that best suits their family. Malia has an allergy and needs a specific kind of dog.

Linda Brown, the breeder who sold the Bidens the puppy, is sorry that she did and advises other breeders to stay clear of the Obamas or other high profile people. It's not worth it. According to NBC Brown said that "she has been been investigated, scorned and had her life threatened." PETA "seized the moment as an opportunity to blame the killing of shelter animals on people who buy from breeders. The organization's TV commercial, 'Buy One, Get One Killed' ran in Delaware after the Biden puppy story made headlines."

Brown says that she "was cited for a piece of kibble on the floor and five strands of dog hair. They took a picture of that, they walked around, snapped pictures and don't tell you why...She was found 'not guilty' for each citation, but hiring a lawyer for the court hearings has cost her $4,000 so far in legal fees."

Perhaps PETA should pay for those fees and the fees of any other people whose professional and lawful businesses have been hampered by the likes of PETA.


rebecca said...

I'm a big animal advocate and USED to support PETA many years ago. I stopped when I sensed she had crossed a line and began to sound more like an extremist, like you say, than an animal rights advocate. But I do agree that the world is overpopulated with animals that need loving homes and if you can adopt one rather than buy one, then that would be terrific. That being said, my daughter has two spaniels - purebred - and this is why many opt to buy rather than adopt. Personally, I would have adopted but don't deny her her right to buy a purebred if that's what she wanted. In any event, the two"bought" spaniels are loved just as much as any other dog because they also deserve loving homes and not to be disregarded.

judith ellis said...

Oh, rebecca, thank you so much for that. I love that your daughter's purebred spaniels are loved and so agree that animals should be adopted. I am right now looking for a dog and will try to adopt first. I am an animal lover and we always had dogs growing up, mostly from the pound or from neigbhors. I never remember my mom purchasing our dogs.

Once my brother at one time found four puppies at once roaming the street. After reporting that we had them and placing signs up we kept them for a few months and then we had to give them up. We already had enough pets. I was absolutely heart broken.

Ms. Newkirk seems like an extremist indeed. Last year I saw a documentary about her life and was not impressed in the least. You can probably tell that I am not a fan. While I can sympathize with her in some things, I am repulsed my her extremity. She and PETA have become the focus and not the cause. In fact, in some sense she becomes the God she rejects. Thanks again for your comment.