Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Being a Protester

It's amazing that such tree-hugging-peace-loving socialists can be so violent. Looking at the protests in Britain today at the G-20 summit, I wondered if this has any affect whatsoever on their causes. Yes, I am for freedom of speech and the right to protest in a democracy, but most of this seems not to really matter. It appears more like a sideshow, a performance of sorts. By the way, many of the most militant protesters during the Civil Rights Movement are now a part of the establishment, wearing tailored pin-stripped suits with manicured nails and closely cropped cuts.


CathM said...

Interesting post... I’m all for people having the ‘space and right’ to voice their passions and concerns in peaceful protest... but I think that with the insidious nature of the media... many such protests do come across as a ‘circus’ and one does have to wonder what can be achieved by the unnecessary violence that ensues seemingly for show... ps although, this evening’s edition of Newsnight commented that the scale of violence on earlier news bulletins were hyped and exaggerated... nowadays, it’s hard to know who to believe.

judith ellis said...

I agree, Catherine, with your comment about the circus aspect of some protests; There also just seems to be a bit of jovality about such gathterings, though what many are protesting are serious matters.

Many people are really angry with financial institutions. It's OK to be angry, but breaking laws is something else. (I'm also reminded of scripture that says "anger rests in the bossom of a fool." You've gotta release it. It destroys if held for long periods of time.) I'm also not a proponent of disgracing leaders after they have been invited to your country by the Head of State. They are guests of the State.

I fully appreciate your point about the media. Exaggeration seems to be very much a part of the media. I do not know the scale of the violence at the protest in London today, but I think the destruction of another's property should be a crime and those engaging in such acts should be arrested.

septembermom said...

Any gathering of passionate, dedicated people can so quickly lose credibility when a mob mentality begins to brew. Violence should not be a component to their protest. I fear that many worthy causes will become associated with such negative displays of humanity. There must be a better way to take a stand, make a point or raise our voices. Thank you for another thought provoking post! I look forward to visiting your blog :)

The Write Girl said...

Hi Judith,

The media tends to show violence and disturbances even if it does not accurately reflect the entire situation. I am sure the majority of protesters were peaceful but it is the few that ruin it for the many.

judith ellis said...

septembermom - Your words have such meaning for me, as I am also concerned about the all protests being viewed negatively because of such actions.

The mob mentality is a serious thing. It seems to be pervasive in the midst of large groups. Sometimes otherwise genteel people become obsessive within such crowds. I have prided myself on not following the mob, while also never seeking to simply rebel.

I am happy that you look forward to coming through, as I so enjoy having you.

judith ellis said...

Hi The Write Girl - I agree with your words. If you have seen the clips on various news networks the same violent acts are shown again and again. But I think you would agree that any such acts is not a good thing.