Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Being President Barack Obama VIII

The world is witnessing something that we have not quite seen before in recent global leadership: a world leader who is not moved by pressure, who sets his own pace and speaks when he deems necessary. For a few days before the rescue of Captain Phillips at sea reporters were insisting that the President respond to the pirates. He did not. He quietly authorized lethal force, empowered those on the sea to make the decision, waited for the outcome, and only then did he speak about the rescue, taking no credit for the outcome, but praising those who delivered excellent results under incredible circumstances. This is great leadership.


rebecca said...

He's hot. That's all I have to say. And, intelligence, for me, is the greatest aphrodisiac. :-D I think this will be the first president in history to have groupies. He's loved by young and old alike.

Seriously, each day I am in more admiration of his leadership.

judith ellis said...

Now, rebecca, that's really funny! Thanks for that!

Khaled KEM said...

Hi Judith,

I appreciate the remark that you made about President Obama. One of his strength qualities as well that he is a fast learner and he does not repeat his mistakes (when they happen)by him or one of his administration.

After weeks of debates and media spot lights over the economy, the bailout, the budget, and his European tour. I guess he is being for just a while away from the news just to prepare himself for the next task.

judith ellis said...

Hi Khaled - Thank you for your words; they're appreciated.

Your tribute to poets on your site is wonderful. Thank you for that too!