Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Being. Seeing. Saying.

Being. Seeing. Saying.

In considering these words
I thought of the essence of
each and which came first.
While we have to first exist
before we can see or say, it
is often that our seeing and
saying forms our being. Think
about it. In this regards, which
is most important? "To be, or not
to be: that is the question." But
seeing things differently or saying
things positively in spite of what
may be can alter existence itself.

Being. Seeing. Saying.

Saying. Seeing. Being.

Seeing. Being. Saying.

These three constantly form me.


Brosreview said...

Again, you've got me thinking Judith. And, I shall write that I agree with your version: Seeing, Being, Saying.

This seems most appropriate. You see something, you learn and implement it to being something and then you say something out of your own experience, right?

Great post!!!

judith ellis said...

Very nice perspective, Brosreview. Thank you.