Friday, April 3, 2009

Being a First Wives Club Member

President Obama had a joint press conference in Germany with Chancellor Merkel today. (I liked her Spring-like pink jacket. There's no need for dark colors all the time.) The press conference seemed to go well, though many viewed the Chancellor's tone at the G-20 summit in London as a bit too dour.

President Obama affirmed Germany as a solid NATO partner with regards to Afghanistan. Maybe the reported dour disposition of both Chancellor Merkel and President Sarkozy of France at the G-20 summit had more to with becoming more of a player in global financial markets. President Sarkozy appeared miffed before the summit, though it looks like the President Obama and the First Lady were received well in France.

While listening to the press conference with the Chancellor, I wondered what the First Lady was doing. There is certainly no first wives club presently in Germany. I like that the Chancellor is female, though that in and of itself will not mean much as far as policy. Or does it? Prime Minister Thatcher's policies were very much aligned with President Reagan's.

What was the First Husband of Germany doing while his wife was doing the press conference. Is he engaged in social issues as many first wives around the world? Will there ever be a first husbands club?


DB said...

If Michelle is referred to as "First Lady" shouldn't Merkel's husband be "First Gentlmen"? Who cares? The First Gentlemen's Club sounds very impressive. Lot's of golf and mahogany. D

judith ellis said...

That's too funny, DB!

septembermom said...

DB's comment is right on target! I can visualize the first gentlemen sitting in armchairs, smoking cigars and discussing their little golfing "tee" party!

Regarding Michelle Obama, I think she will be an amazing first lady who not only carries herself with grace and dignity, but also speaks on important human issues with intelligence and sincerity.

judith ellis said...

Love it, septembermom! LOL!!!

Michelle Obama seems to be all of what you have described, not to mention incredibly bright and powerful in her own right.

It is the love and mutual respect that they seem to share that make the difference.

allen said...

There is a good column by Maureen Dowd at todays
She shares her insights into Obama's insight.
We have two great leaders in Barack and Michelle.
I'm not sure we have ever had leaders of their caliber.

judith ellis said...

Thanks, allen, for the mention of the article. I'll check it out. I would agree that both the President and the First Lady are great leaders. They seem to lead by example, listen to others, and have great empathy and sharp reasoning abilities. We may not have seen the combination of their abilities, intellectually and emotionally.

Nelson Mandela and Robert Kennedy are also favorite leaders. But there is also something to be said for the combination of abilities and authentic gift of communication, especially in this global world. There have been great leaders in the past but whether they could lead in this global technological time is questionable.

The leaders and people around the world seem to be behind the President. Looking at the crowds during his townhall in France yesterday and speaking before a very large crowd in Prague today was amazing. He could have been in any place in America. Of course, we will see the results of the President's leadership over time.