Saturday, April 11, 2009

Being First Lady Michelle Obama V

Here is the Princeton grad and Harvard educated lawyer also doing things in the dirt with precious young people that matter. The First Lady knows well that kids matter.

America, we are blessed to have such a First Lady. We honor her.


Cynthia said...

At last. First Lady Michelle Obama
is intelligent, compassionate,
spiritual and one class act.

judith ellis said...

I love your words, Cynthia, about the First Lady. So true! Thank you.

dave wheeler said...


I really do respect and admire our First Lady. You can see how real she is when around children and while some folks use these types of activities as "photo ops", you can see in her eyes and hear in her voice it is in her heart! And that's a marvelous thing when it comes to kids and education!

judith ellis said...

There is no doubt about your words, Dave. I don't think anyone can truthfully say otherwise.