Monday, April 13, 2009

Being a Navy Seal

Right after college I moved in with a renowned opera singer and her family on the island of Coronado, off of San Diego. There I studied voice with her teacher in San Diego and coached with her when she was not away performing. Every morning I would go to the beach and run five miles; every morning I would run in the distance of the fittest men on the planet, the Navy Seals.

Thinking of the amazing marksmanship of the Navy Seals used in rescuing Captain Phillips, I was reminded of my time on the island and how these men inspired me every single morning. When I didn't want to wake up at the crack of dawn, I thought of them and popped up. They exuded confidence and energy and I loved following them in the distance. When there bodies were mere dancing shadows, the sounds of their voices in the morning mist could be heard.


Anonymous said...


For the first part of my Air Force experience I was in the Aircrew Life Support/Survival career field. I this capacity I has the opportunity to work with and train with all armed services "Special Forces" teams. With all due respect to all Special Forces teams, The U.S. Navy Seals were in my opinion the elite...the best of the best!

Their training is demanding both physically and mentally, the performance standards incredibly high, the teamwork and camaraderie unmistakable and inspiring. Teamwork exemplified! Excellence epitomized!

Terrific topic Judith and well deserved recognition for those serve in the toughest job in the military!

dave wheeler said...

Sorry Judith...Nicholas found out what the publish button does..

judith ellis said...

Thank you, Dave, for your expert knowledge-much appreciated.

judith ellis said...

Oh, Nicholas! :-)