Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Being Innovative

"Encourage the innovative...everywhere...all the time."

--Tom Peters

Innovation begins with a thought. What are you thinking?


Brosreview said...

Wow, such a truth thought. I try to do so as much as possible. I encourage and show newbies the right path. I haven't got any complaints so far, touch wood!!!

I am thinking of something since two days and I have posted it in my blog.

Writer on Board said...


judith ellis said...

Good on you, Ajey! What's old becomes new again. I'm continually discovering and rediscovering paths and both following and leading. I am. Innovation happens in the now. Thoughts are lightening fast, sometimes fleeting. Catch them. Act thereon. But some are merely passing. Leave them. The importance is knowing the difference, though what seems little initially sometimes becomes much. Listen. Look. Learn. Love.

judith ellis said...

YES, Writer on Board! Life is poetry--innovation too, whether sonnet or haiku.

The Write Girl said...

I am always thinking something creative...nothing technical though. I don't think I am going to invent a cool gadget. Lol.

dave wheeler said...


I would add the world "enable" and make it to encourage and enable the innovative. In a corporate environment people need tools. Time, money, training, and a culture that rewards and recognizes the fact that imperfect practice makes perfect. Folks need to know it's ok to try something. Even if it didn't work the knowledge you gain as to why was worth the expense.

I would also say Tom Peters is "The Man"...love the "lists", the passion, and the "style"! One of a kind for sure.

judith ellis said...

Ah, The Write Girl, there is such poetry and beauty in technical things. The science of it all, for me, is pure beauty. The iPod itself, beautifully designed, required technology which is beautiful to me. When I read of Tesla, Carver, and Edison, I see poetry; I see prose. The same is true when I have been in hospitals and seen such technology that aide in sustaining life and determining disease. I see beauty.

judith ellis said...

I see your point, Dave. For me, innovation enables; it is the modus operandi. Innovation is inspiration.

Your point about stepping out and trying things is appreciated. I am forever in this mode. I have a brother who especially embodies this. He has been my example.

dave wheeler said...


Just finished a post on child care issues on the foundations blog. If there was ever a service that could use new and innovative approaches, this is one. Public education is another! The workplace another! Opportunities to innovate are everywhere it seems.

I definitely would like to test the linkage between accountability and innovation. It is amazing how "open minded" one can be to change when your pay or bonus is linked to improvement.

judith ellis said...

Innovation inspires all! It is the engine for change and the reason for productivity.

Innovation and accountability I see as a necessity. Nuclear energy was innovative, but can be destructive as we have seen. But there is also a responsibility element to consider. Such energy can also be used positively.

Innovation is beautiful; it's inspirational. Accountability and responsibility are always important.

dave wheeler said...


I have been doing a bunch of research on the topic of Child Care. I am coming to the realization that you could see a tremendous amount of savings and really increase the capacity of these programs to serve more folks by just applying common sense to fixing what's broke on many levels. One of the requirements of Arkansas programs to be eligible for child care is to have an open child support "case" open again the other parent. I can think of many reasons why one wouldn't want to take financial assistance ranging from fear, emotional control, and personal safety to many others. The financial requirements for eligibility also raise some questions as well. Innovation however would be to look at completely new models on how to package and deliver these services. The barrier? Maybe before you can improve and exploit an opportunity to improve, you have to acknowledge you have a problem in the first place.

I titled the post "Driving Dave Wheeler Loca" ...because it does!

judith ellis said...

"One of the requirements of Arkansas programs to be eligible for child care is to have an open child support 'case' open again the other parent."

I really can't comment about policies I really don't know about. But I'm assuming the above has to do with divorce cases or cases where both parents are not together. This is partly the reason: children having children, divorce, separation, etc. We might begin with fundamental change regarding sex education and parental responsibility for both parents whether they're together or not.

But once children are here there is the necessity to assist. How we do this is essential. I see many of these issues as being ills endemic to a rather unhealthy society. Where are the grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, church members, etc? I have read about grandmothers, even great-grandmothers, essentially raising the children of their mostly female children. This too is a great saddness for me.

dave wheeler said...


Common sense and accountability! This is what we as citizens can bring to the table. Child Care is crazy!

judith ellis said...

Dave - I can't say I know much about the policies of national child care. But as with anything, responsiblity and accountability are always important. Your efforts are appreciated.

By the way, I read you article in your local paper and thought it quite good. It addresses issues of accountability and responsiblity on a small level that is probably indicative of wasteful spending on a larger one. Your point was well taken.

As you know, I so appreciate your advocacy for single working parents and their children. I loved the concentration on the children of poor working families in your article. Bravo!

I value your work.