Sunday, April 5, 2009

Being Inspired by Others

Here is the great Minnie Riperton singing "Reasons." What a clear beautiful inviting voice she has--not to mention her extraordinary range and ease! The lyrics are also thought-provoking. What is the reason for your life? The ending too is especially nice as there's a brief interview with Riperton and the suave ultra cool basso-voiced host of the 70's hit Soul Train, Don Cornelius.

Riperton was obviously a great singer and apparently a great mom too. Her little daughter, Maya Rudolph, as is noted in the interview, could be heard in the background. We are told that she too sings. Of course, we know Riperton's daughter today by the many characters she plays on Saturday Night Live. Here is Maya Rudolph playing "Pamela Bell" singing the "Star Spangle Banner." She's one of my favorite SNL performers.

I think that it's great that Maya Rudolph has found her own voice.

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