Sunday, April 12, 2009

Being Bo (Diddley)

The Obamas finally got their new dog Bo, a Portuguese water dog given as a gift by Senator Edward Kennedy who owns several himself.

Welcome Bo! (Isn't he too cute??? Donned in his tuxedo best with Easter colors and all!)

Word is that Bo was named after the First Lady's dad who was nicknamed Diddley after the great guitarist Bo Diddley.

For your pleasure, here's Bo's namesake rocking the crowd.

With the stories that the First Lady has told about her dad and the great talent of guitarist Bo Diddley, the First Dog has got a lot to live up to. But we think he'll do just fine.


dave wheeler said...


I love Chuck Berry for sure but I always thought Bo Diddley had the most powerful, driving, and distinctive guitar riff on the planet...Guess he was called "The Originator" for a reason!

Thanks for this Judith...

judith ellis said...

Great artist for sure, Dave! He was also most certainly "The Originator." I'm glad you liked the clip.

John O'Leary said...

Woah, Bo is THE MAN! An overlooked founding father of the rock & roll nation and a big influence on Keith Richard and the Stones. He was quite the technological innovator as well. I loved his appearances in the great R&R film "Hail Hail Chuck Berry."

judith ellis said...

Yes, John, Bo is THE MAN! It is no surprise that other rock and rollers were influenced by him. I haven't seen the film, but maybe I'll check it out.