Thursday, October 15, 2009

Being Barack Obama XVII

President Obama spoke in Louisiana today and acknowledged Governor Jinal (R) who was in the audience. When the crowd erupted in loud boos President Obama, being the leader that he is, responded appropriately. The beauty here is the audience's immediate turnaround.

Where was this kind of leadership over the summer?

Bravo Governor Jindal for as President Obama said, "working hard for your state."


Marion said...

Thanks for posting this, Judith. Kudos to President Obama for his style in silencing the booing. I heard Governor Jindal speak at my son-in-law's medical school graduation before he became governor of our fair state and I was very impressed with his intelligence and common sense. He has been a great governor and an exemplary leader. Would that there were more politicians out there like him! Blessings!

Judith Ellis said...

It was my pleasure, Marion. It made me really happy. Kudos to them both. But I must also say that I laughed royally at Governor Jindal's response to President Obama's first joint session of Congress. I think his response has to be one of the funniest ever. But, of course, a lot of that had to do with delivery and setting and not particularly substance.

Actually, I can't even remember what Governor Jindal said. Two minutes into his respone I'm sorry to say that I promptly cut it off. But having said that, I am open to hearing him anytime again. One thing that is for certain: I doubt it if the people of Louisiana would have voted for him if he didn't have something going for him.

May God bless Governor Jindal and the people of Louisiana.

Pamela said...

The Gov. has been nothing but rude and disrespectful to the President. In his last address on health care, he sat there texting the entire time and shaking his head. I did hear that same address Jude and like you after two minutes I cut him off. I make no apologies about being a supporter of the President. Having said that I am open to people dedicated to bringing positive change for our country and those they have been elected to serve no matter what side of the aisle they sit on. I'm a voter of the person and not the party.

As always President Obama proved to be an example of an outstanding leader and gracious individual.

septembermom said...

President Obama is one class act. His graciousness, good humor and respect are all admirable. After reading Pamela's comment, I think that Gov. Jindal should be embarrassed by his disrespect to the President. America is fueled by healthy, informed debate. All those who participate in that debate should behaved in a civilized, respectful manner. I give the President much credit for complimenting Gov. Jindal's work on behalf of Louisiana. Maybe the President's graciousness will make the Governor pause to think before he disrespects our President again.

Judith Ellis said...

Pam - I think the sad fact is indeed that Governor Jindal has been less then honorable in his past rhetoric. But he seems to have cooled way down after he was so royally canned after that address. Maybe he has gotten a hold of himself. Marion seems to think highly of him and I suppose she knows a little more about her governor than I. We'll see. I wish them well down there. Louisiana has gone through a lot. Peace and love, my friend.

Judith Ellis said...

Regarding the governor pausing to think, he seems to be doing this at least on a national level. He has all been out of the national news after his disatrous appearance earlier in the year, except for when he opposed the stimulus package and then some months latter tauted the arrival of the funds as they reached his state. Perhaps he saw the light. City workers including fire people, teachers and police officers, may have been laid off throughout his entire state. May God bless his efforts and the people of Louisiana.

zorro said...

Heres Bono's take on Obama.
I'm on board with Bono.
(Even though I don't like the music of U2 all that much)

Judith Ellis said...

Good piece, Zorro! Thanks for that. I hadn't read it. And, I like U2, perhaps a bit more than you. :-)