Saturday, October 3, 2009

Being Jules Massenet

When I heard this song for the first time I was in middle school. I didn't know why but when the cello began playing I began to cry. As I got older I learned the French text. But even without an understanding of the words the melody was haunting but beautiful.

Here is Rosa Ponselle (1897-1981), one of my favorite singers of all time, singing "Elegy" by Jules Massenet. The text is by Louis Gallet


O sweet springtimes of old verdant seasons
You have fled forever
I no longer see the blue sky
I no longer hear the bird's joyful singing
And, taking my happiness with you
You have gone on your way my love!
In vain Spring returns
Yes, never to return
The bright sun has gone with you
The days of happiness have fled
How gloomy and cold is my heart
All is withered

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