Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Being Terrorist Nations

Ninety one people were killed in a blast in Peshawar, Pakistan today during Secretary Clinton's visit. Really, what are we doing in that part of the world, whether in Pakistan or Afghanistan, where such ruthlessness and destruction are perpetrated constantly against its own people and when billions of dollars don't make a difference? The 6.6 billion dollars that was meant to fight the war on terror in Afghanistan was instead siphoned-off. It is believed that Pervez Musharraf's dual role as the chief of staff and president enabled him to act dishonorably with the billions that was meant for the military. It never reached the armed forces.

"We don't have a mechanism for tracking the money after we have given it to them," Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Mark Wright said. So, not only are we are assured that our presence in this part of the world will curb the violence, we cannot even be assured that the billions of dollars given to fight terrorism will be used for such. This is the problem with trying to govern people in terrorist nations or anywhere whatever the rationale. It seems an impossibility.

What are we doing in these nations where the terrorists can perpetrate such an open attack, what do we really hope to accomplished by our support, and what is the real possibility of accomplishing anything that will better secure the US? I don't see troops or aide assisting in curbing these attacks in Pakistan, nor do I see victory on any level in Afghanistan, including our counter-insurgency plans in that region. If the terrorists wanted to make a point to America with this bombing killing mainly women and children in an open market, I'd say point well taken. Let them fight their own battles and we will best secure our borders from the inside. What are your thoughts?


Pamela said...

We have definately entered into unfamiliar territory with no clear plans of how to get out.

A clear mission would help us to understand why we are still over there and what we plan to accomplish. We have gotten so off track from why we initially engaged in this war.

We not only need more troops but clear direction. We can all pray that our present administration can come together with the military commanders to reasses the situation and bring about some form of resolution.

Judith Ellis said...

Pam - The Huffington Post had a front article which read that the troops already outnumber the Taliban 12:1. So, it's not altogether clear at all why we need more troops or what our mission is. It just looks like a quagmire to me. I've also read that the Taliban are now in Pakistan. I'm not sure if you can root these guys out in that area or even curb the violence. Resolution is most certainly needed. I just really am concerned with us getting bogged down over there. It just doesn't seem like there will be any form of victory, especially when the governments are so unstable. We can't alone or even with NATO perhaps build another government where the people will undoubtedly go on living exactly the way they have for eons.