Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Being Gay in the Military

Why don't men and women bunk and shower together in the military?


septembermom said...

The group shower would be a tough one for me, no matter which sex was present. I like that solitary time :)

Good question to raise though. I wonder how focus and discipline would be affected if the military allowed co-ed bunking and showering. It may mix things up a little too much. May turn into a wild frat party some nights :) I don't know. It would be interesting to see if they tested it out.

Judith Ellis said...

This question came to me when I was listening to a gay man advocating against "don't ask don't tell." He said something to the affect of "it's not like gay men like all men. They have standards and preferences." I assume that straight men don't like all women but I also assume that if they were bunking and showering together that it would be pretty distractive. I also assume that if gay men were showering and bunking openly with straight men that it would be distractive. Otherwise, let's have co-ed bunking and showering and see what a disaster that will be. It would undoubtedly "turn into a wild frat party" indeed that will probably affect performance.