Thursday, October 1, 2009

Being in Black Face IX

Michael Steele is one of the most embarrassing politicians ever and as a "leader" he could be potentially dangerous. His actions or lack thereof to condemn and curb the growing potential for violence against President Obama is disconcerting.

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman recently wrote an article warning Americans about the increasing violent rhetoric and liking it to that of the "right-wing settlers" in Israel during his interview with Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Rabin was assassinated thereafter by a right-wing Jewish fanatic who probably thought he was defending the law of God as some here might think they were defending The Constitution.

When addressing Friedman, Steele said:

"Where do these nut jobs come from? Come on, stop this...To make those equations, examples and put that out there that way, to me is just crazy and yeah, I'm sorry, but if you're going to approach this discussion, approach it from a rational position," Steele continued. "[They're] saying, because you disagree with the president on policy, that all of the sudden we're going to make this leap into, you know, assassinations and all this other stuff. I mean, at the height of all this stuff on Bush and people complaining and protesting, and jumping up and down, you didn't have this kind of conversation."
This has nothing to do with agreement or disagreement with President Obama on policy. It has more to do with irrational people who think that fear and intimidation are appropriate means for an honest debate on policy. Guns are needed to make a point. When you have polls online asking "Should Obama should be killed?" with four choices, "Yes. Maybe. If he cuts my health care. And no" there is something terribly amiss in the culture en masse. There were over 700 responders before the FBI had the survey removed. An investigation has been launched.

While they're at it somebody needs to tell the Black Face Michelle Bachmann "you de man" figure head steppin' fetchin' leader of the Republican Party that President Obama receives more hate mail, death threats, and his security has been beefed up more than any president in our history. We are not merely talking here about a difference in policy, we are talking about the likes of the wingnut John L. Perry of

Perry advocated the "gaining" possibility that the military will stage a "bloodless coup" to "resolve the 'Obama problem.'" Be real! Are coups generally bloodless, not to mention unconstitutional? Newsmax is a support organization of the Republican Party "headed" by Michael Steele. With Steele's denial of the basic premise of Friedman's argument for a need to curtail the rhetoric at the very least, Steel's Black Facery has reached a dangerous new level.

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