Friday, October 9, 2009

Being Republican Leaders

Why do Republican leaders hate America? They cheered when America did not get the Olympics and now they are denigrating President Obama because he has received the Nobel Peace Prize.

Here is the statement issued by the Republican National Party:

"The real question Americans are asking is, What has President Obama actually accomplished? It is unfortunate that the president's star power has outshined tireless advocates who have made real achievements working towards peace and human rights."

Can anybody please explain why the Party that tauted "Country First" is now on the side with the Taliban that criticized President Obama's receiving the Nobel Peace Prize?


septembermom said...

What are these Republican leaders teaching our children with these kind of ungracious, jealous, spiteful remarks? Be proud of your President, be proud of your country. Get out of your seats and make a difference. We need more Ted Kennedys to push these nay sayers towards positive talk and action.

Judith Ellis said...

Thank you, Kelly. That is such an excellent point there. What are we teaching our kids? Zorro mentioned in a comment recently that that during Einsenhower's presidency in the 50's that on Howdy Doody kids toasted our president with cookies and milk at the close of each show.

Many Republican leaders seem to push their members into a frenzy or remain conveniently silent about a song honoring President Barack while other such songs honoring other presidents, including Republicans, were not looked at disparaging.

It seems like the Karl Rove strategy is not working. It obviously did not work in the presidential campaign. Now, the same tactics are being deployed in domestic policies.

zorro said...

Where I live there is a great NPR station. They have lengthy discussions with authors and ploicy makers. Yesturday, Terry Gross had a discussion with a histororian of the cold war. Ronald Reagan is often credited with ending the cold war with his line 'Tear Down this Wall" along with his push for a missle sheild.
Acording to the historian interviewed, this is not the case. Gorbechev was actually irritated by Reagans 'Tear down this Wall' line. He didn't understand what Reagan was talking about because Gorby had been sending signals all along this was what he had planned to do. The missle sheild had little to do with bankrupting the Soviet Union - they were in trouble before Reagan proposed the idea - Gorbechev was attempting to save the Soviet Union from falling appart under its own weight and never intended to respond to Reagan challange. To sum it up Gorbechev ended the cold war and planned to when he entered office. He felt it was the only was possible to save the Soviet Union. That, along with the fact that the economy turned around under Reagan mainly because of Paul Volkers actions (not Reagans Tax cuts) -
makes it clear to me that everyting the conservatives crow about is a mythology at best.
My question is when in the past 30 years have the Republican leaders seemed like they actually liked America? Or more to the point, when have they shown they they actually liked the middle class?

Pamela said...

I have repeatedly said they are still campaigning for the presidency. Will someone please inform them that they lost and the election was over in November.

They are obviously preparing and have since the election preparing for their next attempt at the White House.

Why wouldn't American be proud that their President is the recepient of such honor.

Since Americans are fond of being the "world's police" it does seem fitting that we are being positively acknowledged for wanting world peace.

All of this is going to come and bite the Rep's in the behind. The American people are intelligent people. They displayed this by going to the polls in voicing their opinion in November.

I'm so proud of my President. I'm proud America is being thought of in positive light. Isn't it wonderful to have our President acknowledged and not having shoes thrown at him.

My husband and I were reminded of the when Jesus was without honor in His own home and among His own.

Change comes with a price. Let's stand with him for change--all that still believe--"Yes We Can!"

Judith Ellis said...

Oh, Zorro, thank you so very much for that bit of relevant history. It is for such comments that I blog. You have well enlightened me. Now, I will do some research. Thanks again. Hopefully, I will be able to find the Gross interview too.

I have to agree with you about the conservative agenda's support of big business to the exclusion of small businesses and the middle class. Deregulation, which brought on an unwieldy globalization, has been a disaster. Who can argue rationally against this?

Judith Ellis said...

Great comment, Pam. Thank you. I don't think that Americans want this obvious political agenda to discredit EVERYTHING the president does and says. Pat Buchanan said today, while praising President Reagan, he didn't understand why Michael Steele, the figure head of The Republican Party, spoke badly of the president. After all, he continued, all he did was nothing but wake up and nothing to receive it. He then laughed heartily.

Pamela said...

I wonder has any other Nobel Prize recepient been this criticized.

Does anyone have a brief history in regards to that.

I thought the committee was well respected and thought to think long and hard for on such decisions.

Let's not forget what he has accomplished by being the first African-American President of the United States. And by a overwhelming decision.

Don't get me started on the Pat, how far did he get with his bid for the white house? And the Michaela Steele and for most Rep's lately can we make intelligent statements. It is my understanding they are turning a lot of long time Rep's against their own party. And not to mention the spew of hatred and division across our country.

wmmbb said...

In this instance, I think the Republicans might have something, notwithstanding what the President has done with respect to the so-called missile defence shield in Eastern Europe, the Cairo speech, the intent to reduce the nuclear stockpile and so forth. Still, despite the other criticisms of the Nobel Prize Committee, it is a very good idea to give the prize to a country with a defence (war) budget equivalent to 70% (?) of total world expenditure.

Pamela said...

With all due respect to your comment, the prize wasn't given to a country but to an individual.

If the President said he had bacon and eggs this morning for breakfast the Reps would have something negative to say about that. Give us a break! When election time is here campaign then until then do the job the people from your districts and communities elected you to do, which is more than criticizing the President on a daily basis.

Judith Ellis said...

Pamela - It really has been an extraordinary day in that regard. The interesting thing is that even after President Obama's gracious speech the talking heads are still talking. I'd say let them talk their heads right off. :-)

Judith Ellis said...

wmmbb - While your point is understandable, it has very little to do, if anything, with the Republican Party leadership in that many of them would like a 90% military defense budget. (That may be a little exaggerated. :-)) I think it is also naive to think that any nation will be without such defense. President Obama spoke of the real relevant world, sad to say.

By the way, what are your thought on the Australian "Jackson Jive" skit where the performers performed in "black face" and then later acknowledged that they would have never done such a skit in America, as if Australia does not have an Aborigine problem. It was also amazing that it was believed that in this technological age that the video wouldn’t be released summarily. It was. Australia seems pretty backwards and insensitivein with regards to race relations. I live in Australia for nearly a year and must say that it was a beautiful time.

Judith Ellis said...

"If the President said he had bacon and eggs this morning for breakfast the Reps would have something negative to say about that."

LOL, Pam!

Marion said...

I'm so disgusted with my party Judith that I'm definitely changing to Independent. It's just too depressing for words. I got a mailing last week from the Republican party that was pure scare tactics, a supposed 'survey' that just pissed me off. I could see how it would frighten elderly people or those who trust the Republican party implicitly and the bottom line was 'give us money and we'll save you from the big, bad Democrats.' I can't stand bullies, and that's what came to my mind when I read it.

I was proud when I heard on NPR that our President has won the Nobel Peace Prize. What a great honor for all of us, not just him. Blessings!

Judith Ellis said...

Oh, Marion, I appreciate your honesty here. It's very much appreciated. I have tried to be fair in my assessments here, even when the language may be offensive to some i.e., my multiple posts on "Being Black Face" about the "leader" (he is surely a figure head) of the Republican Party.

I don't think any party is above scare tactics in political campaigns, but I must say that the Republicans, of which I was one, use such tactics, as well as race baiting, relentlessly to gain a majority. The only problem here is that the issue of health care reform is a matter of life and death and this way of business as usual is not acceptable.

My mother was a die-hard liberal, but appreciated honest debate and followed more than a few conservative voices, politicians and journalists. When I first registered to vote I was too for many years. Then I became utterly disillusioned with the rhetoric and not the actual commitment to some issues and taking the African American community for granted, that I became a Republican, a very moderate one--let me add.

The Republican Party has been a complete disillusionment. I have been so outraged with the meanness, stupidity and ignorance of its leadership, not to mention the scare tactics used for some time. Remember Willie Horton? Even with that ad I thought let's see inside what can be done.

It is disgraceful the way the Republican leadership is behaving with this new president; it's shameful indeed. There are MANY wonderful Republican people as there are Democrats. But I'm trying to figure out what's going on with the leadership.

Thanks again, Marion, my friend, for your honesty and truth-seeking. You have encouraged me to keep the faith!

Judith Ellis said...

And, Marion, many many blessings to you too.

wmmbb said...

Judith, I am very sorry if the stupid program you mentioned caused any offense. Unfortunately, not everybody, it seems, understands dehumanizing attitudes are a form of violence.

You may be interested in David Kaiser's explanation for Nobel Prize Committee's decision.

Judith Ellis said...

Excellent point about violence, wmmbb. Wonderful! Personally, I was not offended with the skit. It just seemed so archaic to me, unless of course a specific relevant point about the skit was being portrayed for educational purposes. But I failed to see any relevance there besides denigration, not to mention that it is in poor taste to make fun of the dead.

MJ actually had vitiligo like my cousin whose skin is white in large sections. Thank God she has had a good life and has a good husband and two young adult children. MJ had the money as a performer to do something about his skin disease. To regain his darker pigmentation would have been twice as difficult according to dermatologists.

Stupid program is probably the best way to describe it. We have many such stupid programs here. In fact, they probably originated here. :-) I was more interested in the laughter in the audience and the fact that the group itself thought that it was acceptable behavior.

Thanks for the link, wmmbb. I'll check it out.

Judith Ellis said...

Wmmbb - Kaiser's post is a most EXCELLENT one. The whole of it is BRILLIANT! Thank you so very much. It should be required reading for all Americans and the global community at large. WOW!

John O'Leary said...

I'm still hoping the Republicans can cut loose their nut fringe and give the Dems an honest debate on matters of importance. Perhaps the SP wing will self-destruct in 2012, if not sooner.

Speaking of honest debate, I especially enjoy the Sunday Morning Roundtable on ABC's "This Week" - as I think you do. This morning was fascinating to watch as Arianna Huffington took a position SHARPLY to the left of Donna Brazile on health care and other issues. (I mainline this stuff now - and it's not even an election year!)

Judith Ellis said...

Oh, I'm sorry I misssed that debate, John. I'm sure Arianna has posted it or will do so soon so I'll get a chance to see her and Donna's segment at least. Bummer.