Friday, October 2, 2009

Being the United States of America

First, let me say that it is a great disappointment that Chicago will not host the 2016 Olympics. But listening to these arrogant ignorant newscasters and pundits speak about the loss of the Olympics in Chicago to Rio de Janeiro, as if America deserves every prize it goes after no matter if the president and a superstar bid for it, is perhaps one of the reasons we are in the mess that we're in nationally and internationally. (I won't even mention the remarks of the Black Face "leader" of the Republican Party.)

The last administration seemed to largely want to be the cowboys and the bullies of the world, invading sovereign nations and disregarding international institutions like the United Nations. The current administration seeks to be a part of the world community, dealing directly with Iran. Where does it say anywhere that America has to win everything? We don't and won't no matter who we go up against.

America needs to wake-up and realize that she is a member of a nation of states whose people share a common planet among other states. Wake-up people and realize that if we continue to vaunt our arrogance and ignorance and continue not to look at others, whether they are across the street or across the globe, we will honestly be the real losers in the long run.

We need to concentrate on issues such as education, innovation and being a part of the global community of nation states in words and deeds. Again, let me sincerely say that that it is completely understandable for Americans, especially Chicagoans, to be disappointed. But let's really embrace the spirit of the Olympics and console ourselves with this and being better Americans. America is great not only for the battles she won but for the goodwill she spreads.

May God bless America and may God bless the 2016 American Olympians. Bring home the Gold!


septembermom said...

"America is great not only for the battles she won but for the goodwill she spreads". Well said. As a country, we do need that wake up call. I agree that we need more of a planet consciousness if we are going to make effective change for the good.

Judith Ellis said...

Thanks and YES!

wmmbb said...

Think of this way, Judith, Brazil is still America, although South America and a distinct continent. And as your picture makes clear Rio is a spectacular city, no doubt with an extraordinary history, if I only knew something about it.

Judith Ellis said...

LOL, on the Americas, wmmbb, although waaay South! Rio is culturally diverse and both very secular and religious. As you can see, the largest statue of Christ in the world is in Rio. He stands with arms wide open welcoming all to come on the highest mountaion overlooking the city. I suspect He sheds a tear or two occassionally. :-) After all, such could be said of any country anywhere in the world, as there are none perfect among us no matter the religious beliefs or lack thereof of its citizens.