Saturday, January 17, 2009

Being All Aboard the Whistle-Stop Train


Catvibe said...

LOVE THIS MAN! I just watched him in Baltimore and I wept along with the crowd. What an inspiring orator, and he continues to amaze me with his candidness. He actually said he might make mistakes! Yes, we are all human!

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Sorry I've been out of touch, first my sons were here and I stayed offline most of the week, then the flash fiction contest I entered had 125 entries and I needed to read and comment on them all. Whew! Great writing but man alive!

I'm thinking about what I'd like to do on Monday for our day of service. Thank you for continuing your strong promotion of this essential part of humanity.

judith ellis said...

Yes, Cat! Congratulations again on such beautiful photographs and words. I love your photography and often find your words as beautiful.

By his actions and words, Barack Obama is proving to be one of integrity, beauty and strength. How can anyone not love these in a leader?

Brava, Cat!

John O'Leary said...

Geez, EVERYTHING the guy does highlights and magnifies the differences between him and his predecessor. How could anyone NOT see the train wreck we were headed for by electing that fellow. I still remember that moment in the Gore-Bush debate when someone asked Bush what he would do about Saddam Hussein. "We'll take him out," Bush said dismissively. I thought, "Yeah, that'll work" - and assumed everyone watching would recognize this candidate was dangerously unqualified for national office.

judith ellis said...

John - I agree with Barack Obama in that President Bush is a good man. I have always liked the person. However, the very real thing is that being good natured is not the only criteria for being a good president. He was incredibly unprepared to lead, policy matters aside -- if that's possible.

It was the RNC smear and fear machine that worked for President Bush during those elections that failed McCain this one. The bottom appeared near for many and we had to look at real issues affecting us intimately. Idealism was no longer the reigning factor.

Arianna Huffington said something on C-Span this morning that rang incredibly true. She said something like "a tough decision is not a good thing. The right decision is a good thing. Tough decisions -- I don’t even know what that means." Our current president does not seem to understand the difference.