Saturday, January 24, 2009

Being Intimate at Work

"Intimacy is at the heart of competence. It has to do with understanding, with believing, and with practice. It has to do with relationship to one's work."

-- Max DePree

Intimacy is a major element of responsibility and creativity. If we are intimate with our work, how much more will we be with our co-workers? How much better will our team be? How much better will our products be? How much more innovation will there be?


Meena said...

I agree that there should be some level of friendship and whatnot. At the same time, there need to be diving lines and boundaries. Work needs a realm of its own cause it is not governed by the rules of friendship or the types of rules that other relationships are.

judith ellis said...

I agree Meena, I also wonder if the quote actually embodies what you have just brought out.

The quote begins with "intimacy is at the heart of competence" that includes "understanding, believing and practice." I am reminded of a scripture that says "in all thy getting get understanding."

Intimacy, as love, is not only governed by forgiveness and gentleness, but it is disciplined and decisive. I liken intimacy to love, which I believe to be a higher form of respect than what most consider friendship.

Since antiquity, love has had many forms such as agape, philio, eros, etc. Europeans, for example, rarely use love as we do in America. It is reserved for its near highest form. But your point, Meena, is well taken. Thank you for your comment.