Friday, January 30, 2009

Being in a Dream: "Return"

"Après Un Rêve" (After a Dream) Gabriel Fauré

In a slumber charmed by your image
I dreamed of happiness, ardent mirage;
Your eyes were more tender, your voice pure and clear.
You were radiant like a sky brightened by sunrise;
You were calling me, and I left the earth
To flee with you towards the light;
The skies opened their clouds for us,
Splendors unknown, glimpses of divine light...
Alas! Alas, sad awakening from dreams!
I call to you, oh night, give me back your illusions;
Return, return with your radiance,
Return, oh mysterious night!

Based on a poem by Romain Bussine

Sung by Kiri Te Kanawa

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