Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Being Political

Is politics something like the skillful battle of egos and the necessity of compromise? Perhaps the problem evolves when the ego wins over needed compromise and halts or stymies creativity and innovation in business or government.

No more skillful political tactics could have been used in the circus surrounding disgraced Blagojevich's righteous pick who parades around spouting the Illinois Constitution and insisting on a seat in Congress. Burris will probably be seated.

Go figure!

Is politics necessary? Is it by nature dirty? Can it be sanitized?


Rhi said...

Go figure! This is so true. Thanks for sharing. =)

judith ellis said...

Hi Rhi! Happy New Year!

Regina Daniels said...

Can politics be sanitized??

I love the idea! :)

judith ellis said...

Regina - My take is that politics need not be dirty. I can subject my ego and you yours and maybe we can get much done. I can also not expect things that are not rightfully mine, whether it is undue abeisance or gifts. As a politician, you are a servant of the people nothing more or less. However, I believe in giving honor to whom it is due.

Instead of sanitizing corrupt politicians we should simply get rid of them. I am a big proponent of term limits. I think the very notion of 8+ years in Congress is not what the Founding Father invisioned, nor is it the best way to infuse life and fresh ideas into any system.

I say, go to Congress serve a maximum of 6-8 years and get out, epecially if your record has not warranted more years! Extended periods seem to corrupt on all levels, local and national. But there are those few who have remained purposeful in the cause of their constituents over many years without drama or fanfare.