Monday, January 12, 2009

Being in the Old Guard II

On Good Morning America Democratic Senator Chris Dodd did exactly what I've been speaking about here. Being in the Old Guard, he simply did what many in his position often do, shift the blame on the other Party instead of taking responsibility and offering innovative solutions to problems. Senator Dodd blamed the Bush administration for the failure of the financial bailout disbursements, as if he bore no responsibility as the Senate Banking Committee Chairman. Ugh!

Are you getting really sick and tired of this kind of do nothing rhetoric? I am. What makes Senator Dodd think that anything will be different when the President-elect assumes office if the Congress continues to act in this way? Senator Dodd speaks as if he himself has no responsibility with how the financial bailout was handled. He appeared to be pandering to us. We'll, we don't need it. We want responsiblility and accountability now!

Yes, "further aide must include pay limits" but what about the limits that the good senator did not see to in the hundreds of millions that have already been dispersed without line by line accountability? Spending other people's money has always been no problem. The mess with the disbursements have not been the fault of the Bush administration alone. Congress bears responsibility and so does the American people for not speaking out loudly RIGHT NOW, declaring ENOUGH and signaling to the new administration and the new Congress that we insist on real change and not rhetoric!


dave wheeler said...

Judith...I usually avoid any discussion on things political for a wide variety of reasons. The rhetoric, the 24 hour news cycle, the endless talking points and spin. What do many of our elected officials know about the actual challenges and issues facing the folks on the block, in our schools, in the workplace, and local community?

But it is nice to see a person who holds both sides of the aisle responsible and accountable for what they fail to do, particularly when it involves their perpetuating the partisanship and gridlock. And you wonder why I believe the next Senator from the great state of Michigan should be Judith "Let's Get This Done Right and Now" Ellis! Real change I could believe in? Bet!

What was the old saying...if the opposite of "Pro" is "Con" then wouldn't the opposite of "Progress? would be "Congress"?

judith ellis said...

Bravo, Dave! Great closing line. I am very interested in a great many things; among these is politics. But I am terribly sorry to say that any good that I might do will probably not be IN politics. I can probably do more good outside of it. But we'll see.

I have been utterly turned off by ANYBODY engaging in partisan politics considering the gravity of so many issues here in America and indeed around world, including our finanical situation, our ethical demise, Gaza, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan -- to mention a few.

The other day I was completely discouraged by comments on Hardball between pundits. The one on the Right was especially disturbing. When speaking about Roland Burris all that he could say is that we Republicans only wanted him to win because we will have a chance to take the seat in 2010. That's what matters most to us. When asked about his shamelessness he did not budge. "We want to win," was his often refrain.

Please let's not even begin to address the issues in Chicago in the community such as healthcare and jobs. Let's talk about winning! I hate to say this, but rarely do I hear women talking in this way. In fact, I have personally never heard women speaking in this way. Yes, we're political and strategic, but what kind of message was this pundit giving to the public? Does this affect policy?

Men could learn a few things from women, as we could from men. The behavior of the above, however, is most certainly not one of them. Is there nothing more to life than winning? If so, we will do anything to win, including breaking laws and being unethical -- after all, politics rule where policy does not.

Yes, politics is a part of the governing. OK. But must it be front and center?