Sunday, January 25, 2009

Being in the Inaugural Parade

I have always loved marching bands, especially at ceremonial events and football games. At Michigan the band really revived up the crowd! So, it was no surprise that the Inaugural Parade made me quite happy. I marched along with the bands gleefully.

I was proud and pleased with all of the bands with the exception of a few. I have a good mind to write the principles of a few schools and call a few teachers who allowed their young people to provocatively dress and dance as if in a night club and not at an honored event. There is a time and place for everything. But these young people are even too young to be in night clubs for goodness sake!

What were these teachers thinking? Lead! Did the parents not come to the rehearsals? Model appropriate behavior! But most high schools bands were great! I especially appreciated Vermont's Brattleboro Union High School Band as they drummed and drilled "We Shall Overcome" to a lively tune. Bravo Brattleboro Union High School Band! You made us all proud!

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