Monday, January 12, 2009

Being a Part of the Community

The Obama Family spent their first weekend, as many others when arriving in a new community, checking out the neighborhood. This is nothing unusual except for there are two Washingtons, those who serve the people, whose taxes make it possible for them to have a solid middle class existence, and those who live down the road who often live in poverty. Many presidents seemed isolated from the other Washington, with the notable exception of President Jimmy Carter.

While the Obamas are not a part of the working class poor in Washington, many of whom historically served as servants in the White House and assisted in the building of America's most famous House, being out in the community sends a profound message for the whole of America; it sends the message of care and concern for all. The President-elect, as seen eating a chili dog in a local diner in D.C. and in his diverse inauguration choices, intends to be a president of all the people and to include all the people in his plans.

There may also be another very important message here, one that they are sending to their children about the importance of staying rooted and grounded to the concerns of those around you. This will help these beautiful girls determine what is most important in life, others and not things. These are great lessons indeed for all of Washington and the American people as a whole. The people of Washington D.C. are indeed blessed to have such neighbors in their community.

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