Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Being a Namesake II

Last week I wrote a post, Being a Namesake, which spoke of my namesakes, Jewish heroines of the Bible. Moments ago I read about a three-year old named Adolf Hitler Campbell who was recently taken away from his parents.

A few weeks ago we heard about this kid after a grocery store refused to print his given name on the birthday cake his parents ordered. I was sickened and disturbed by the parents' decision to saddle the kid with such a horrific name.

Isn't he the cutest kid? The namesake is hardly apropos.

Why would these parents do such a thing? What a pity. But today when I read that the kid and his siblings were taken away from their parents and placed in foster care, I had my doubts about the legitimacy of this decision. Why were the children removed from their home?

We do not know as of yet why the children were taken from their parents. But I for one, even though I am terribly sad to say this, do not believe that the courts have the right to remove these kids from their parents based on his given name.

What do you think?

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