Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Being President Barack Obama

Godspeed, Mr. President!


CJ said...

Saw it.

One word. Amazing.

I wish I could have been there.

I watched it from Western Michigan University. A reporter by trade, I was on assignment for an online magazine, and I did a story on it.

This was history in the making. The auditorium at Western, at least most of the time, does not allow cameras flashing at its screens. But today was special--today was history.

Can't wait to see what the reality of an African-American president will do for race relations in this country. I believe Dr. King most definitely is looking down on America smiling right now.

I also hope, however,that we do not become impatient. America's problems are not going to go away tomorrow. It is going to take time, like Mr. Obama said--maybe more than the 2 years the public is willing to give.

judith ellis said...

CJ - Nearly 80% of Americans seem to be willing to be quite patient. We get a sense of the gravity of where America is presently.

President Barack's tone, since his acceptance in Grant Park, has been sober with regards to our financial situation. As long as we are moing in the right direction, I think we will continue to be patient.

What I find wonderful about his message is one of unity and bi-partisanship. I assume he will lead from the center as his cabinet choices prove.

There are a great cloud of witnesses, countless faces that we know and nameless others too, both black and white, who are looking down on America right now, pleased with our progress and encouraging us to move further still.

What an amazing time for America and indeed the world.