Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Being Confident

Chuck Berry is confident and brilliant:

"Roll over, Beethoven, and tell Tchaikovsky the news."

What news might that be? Chuck Berry rocks!

Having confidence is the first step of any successful venture.


Brosreview said...

Love Chuck Berry and his songs!!! You, a fan too?

I love the way he summarises the change in music... from classical to rock n roll.

Talent unparalleled!!!

judith ellis said...

Brosreview - I LOVE Chuck Berry! And you have beautifully summed up his role in music "from classical to rock."

Berry also distinctly gave America, along with jazz and rhythm and blues artists, its distinct music. He rocks!

"Talent Unparalleled?" Indeed!

dave wheeler said...

I am not sure how I managed to miss this post. I was co-chairing the Entertainment Committee for a community festival years ago and had the pleasure to talk to Mr. Berry's booking agent whom I believe was his wife. It would have been the simplest event ever to plan for. A room, rental car an a band that knew Chuck Berry's songs. The committe decided the fee was high (IT WASN'T GIVEN THE PERSON PERFORMING PEOPLE!). But it was an interesting experience and I learned a little bit as well...talent unparalleled for sure

judith ellis said...

Cool, Dave. I'm sure you had a great experience. I was a central figure for the entertainment for the year-long Detroit 300 which included some of the greatest R&B and jazz singers around. This too was a great experience. But I would have loved to have been even in the presence of Chuck Berry's wife. :-)