Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Being Healthy in Recession

A few weeks back a discussion raged on Tom Peter's blog about obesity and health. In thinking about our current economic situation, where McDonald's has simply been recession-free, I wondered about the length of the recession and the health of our kids. Wal-Mart is another company that has done pretty well in this economy, but it is debatable whether shopping at Wal-Mart for healthier foods can compare to the dollar item menu at McDonald's.

Will the recession affect the health of Americans? It's not like the obesity level is not at an all-time high. We were probably the healthiest 12 kids on the block, living on the likes of beans with smoked turkey, baked chicken, rice, oatmeal, greens, and vegetables. But these days kids seem to dictate to their parents what they will eat being inidated with non-stop television marketing. What to do?

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