Friday, January 16, 2009

Being Mahmoud Ahmadinejad II

The Associated Foreign Press records this account after President-elect Obama indicated that while Iran "remained a threat" to America that we would be "willing to initiate diplomacy."

This was President Ahmadinejad's response in a press conference according to the AFP:

" 'If changes are fundamental, genuine and based on respect... we wait and see and do not make premature judgement,' Ahmadinejad said in a press conference, broadcast live on state television.

"He had been asked about Tehran's stance toward normalisation of ties with Washington.

"'The first change we expect is that the United States should limit its interference (to) within its borders,' he said. 'They have been oppressing our people for 58 years now... they must change their attitude toward us.

"The Iranian president also called the policy of carrot and stick an 'outdated' one. 'If it is the continuation of the wrong and arrogant policies, the result is predictable,' he added."

Are either responses unreasonable? Is this not a good start to diplomacy?

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