Saturday, January 31, 2009

Being Serena Williams

Congratulations to Serena on her straight set victory over Russia's Dinara Safina in the Australian Open. This will make Serena's 10th and she regains the number 1 ranking. (The ranking for the Williams sisters is deceptive, as they are obviously the best even though they do not play enough tennis a year to usually secure the number 1 ranking.)

I actually stayed up and watched the match which began at 3:30 AM! I'm a huge tennis fan, something I acquired as a kid watching my brothers, Haywood and Chris, and looking at Open after Open. We love tennis! My oldest nephew's middle name is Bjorn, after the great Bjorn Borg.

Congratulations to both Venus and Serena for their doubles victory at the Australian Open!


Khaled KEM said...

Congratulations to Serena. I use to watch the 4 Grand Slams especially the finals since I was 7 years old. I remember the game Mcenroe defeated Borg. I was upset as I favored Borg.

Congratulations for your Lemon Award.

judith ellis said...

I was pretty young too when I began watching the Grand Slams. The 1980 Wimbledon McEnroe/Borg classic match was something big in our house. I still remember it.

A few of my brothers were rooting for the Swede and the others for the American. But the match was so thrilling that I remember that it was difficult to be upset. Such high level of tennis was thrilling!

By the way, I'm rooting for Nadal tomorrow. I'm not a big Federer fan. Yes, I'm well aware of his extraordinary game. Nadal is no slouch either! Go Nadal!

Thanks for the congrats!

Cynthia said...

Yes congratulations to Serena!

And congratulations to you Judith
for your journalistic appointment
to the Huff News!!!

judith ellis said...

Yes, Serena rocks!

Thanks for the HuffPost nod!

I'll be as real there as I am here and as fair.

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