Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Being a Namesake III

Having written two posts on the power of a namesake, Being a Namesake and Being a Namesake II, I was not surprised to read at Live Science that names given to boys, regardless of race, may have a negative affect on the outcome of their lives. What about girls? I shutter to think of all the names given to some kids I have taught as a substitute teacher while attending graduate school. God, help them!

What's in a name? According to this study, a name is everything. But then again maybe not. I wonder about kids with foreign names. Are kids with foreign names more likely to be juvenile delinquents or graduate students? A great many first generation immigrants from Africa, India, and Asia are in medical and engineering schools all across America. It seems to be more than just any name and more deeply related to a namesake, one of lineage or purpose.

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