Sunday, October 26, 2008

Being a Capitalist

Out of democracy came capitalism that bore the markets of freedom. While there were bodies yet unfree, there was a Constitution which spoke to our higher selves, our greater good that we would someday be. During this very difficult season, we must not forget that when the pendulum swings one way it will inevitably swing back the other.

We must never forget the cost of freedom and the necessity of checked powers. We must never forget that we are our brother's keeper. We must remember to love our neighbors as ourselves. We must always keep the faith, knowing that this too shall pass. Democracy is us. Capitalism is us. And we are inherently made of good stuff, in spite of any failings and flaws of one or another, individual or group.

Capitalism, as any system or living organism, evolves. We are evolving.


- A - C - said...

Well said!
Sometimes it feels like you could write speeches for the candidates, particularly when your passion and beliefs oozes from the text.

judith ellis said...

Thanks, -a-c-. I'd actually enjoy writing speeches for the candidates. My passions and beliefs are usually present when I write or speak. I am also forever aware of the passions and belief of others. This too is very important.