Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Being a Youthful Leader

Youthful leadership has value. Besides fresh innovative ideas, it has stamina and verve. Here Barack Obama speaks before a crowd of 9,000 at a rally in Pennsylvania in the pouring rain. John McCain cancelled his outdoor event due to inclement weather.


wmmbb said...

Obama is the old guy compared to Teddy Roosevelt(42 yo) and JFK (43 yo)when they repectively became president.

On the other hand, if successful, Jack McCain will he oldest person ever to take up that office.

judith ellis said...

I guess being youthful is most certainly relative. In comparison to McCain, Obama seems like a spring chicken. But after two years of campagning, he might not feel this way.

To even hear the name Jack evokes memories of JFK. So, Jack in relation to John McCain seems so incredibly ill-suited. I forgive you :-)

We are grateful to John McCain for his service. But at this time it might be nice for him to find his eight house, perhaps in Palm Beach.