Thursday, October 23, 2008

Being an Elitist II

In a recent Brian Williams interview with both Senator McCain and Sarah Palin they were asked who were the member of the elitist. She gave some rambling barely incoherent answer as usual. Have those medical records been released yet? I'm really beginning to think that there are some serious psychological problems there.

We have come to expect such answers from Sarah Palin. But John McCain's answer was alarming. He essentially said that he didn't know the meaning of the word but "he knew where they lived." When asked of the various forms of elitism there was no direct answer. Senator McCain continued saying that the elite lived in "Georgetown and New York City."

Now, there is no doubt that the elite, defined as those who are perceived as intellectually, socially or financially superior, may live in Georgetown and New York City. But do you think that the elite might also live in Sedona, AZ? How about La Jolla, Ca? (Have you seen this absolutely gorgeous place? Can't imagine what the cost of a home must be. No middle class or working poor there!)

Might the elite live in Corona del Mar? (I spent more than a few weekends there after college where my mentors and friends owned a house; they are the founders and past directors of Opera Pacific. This is another gorgeous place. No middle class or working poor there too.) Can the elite be found in Arlington, VA or any other place where Senator McCain owns a home and drives his 13 cars?

Elitism is distorted to define those who are intellectually curious and thoughtful. Those who are educated are also among the elite in this distorted view. It is obvious that Senator McCain's running mate is neither intellectually curious or thoughtful. It is also obvious that Senator McCain couldn't possible be either by virtue of his running mate choice alone.

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