Monday, October 20, 2008

Being a Socialist

Being a socialist must be something like being a member of the axis of evil that need to be destroyed. In listening to the language coming from the McCain campaign over the weekend it appears that there is a necessity to root out and eliminate socialists and Arabs. But wait...we have allies and NATO members that are socialists and Arabs. How do reconcile this? There need not be complete agreement in order for there to be harmony and benefits for all.

When campaigns and administrations engage in name-calling it becomes obvious that they are clear out of fresh ideas on how to lead the country. First, Senator Obama was one who pals (not even palled) around with (Arab) terrorists. Now, he has become a limp unacceptable pansy socialist who wants to steal your hard earned money and give it to the poor. This is disturbing. Yes, we understand that we are in the midst of a presidential campaign and some tactics historically have been dirty. But I do wonder, however, about the lasting effect on the international community.

From the McCain campaign we have heard the terms socialist and Arab as if these two were inherently threatening. Such labels and mindsets give way to national and international division and unrest. Besides our basic decency, it is this that we should consider here. There are many peaceable Arabs and there are many good socialist, why demonize them? After the election, how will our socialist allies view us? What will Arab in this country and abroad think of us?

This is more than an election; we are setting a serious tone.

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