Saturday, October 4, 2008

Being a Peace Activist

At Duckpond, I was reminded of the importance of peace, as if such remembrances are needed. But rememberance seems necessary, lest we take peace for granted. Peace, as love, requires action. It is sown in our daily actions.

In particular, I was reminded of a Michigan peace activist, Lillian Mellen Genser, with whom I often spoke of peace and her love of teaching the principles of peace to children. In her 80's she was as feisty as ever.

Lillian loved children. Her World Pledge is spoken by children all over the world:

"I pledge allegiance to the world, to care for earth and sea and air, to cherish every living thing, with peace and justice everywhere."

I am grateful for the seeds of peace that Lillian planted in me. I will take better care at sowing peace in others through my daily actions. Peace is like love. It begins at home and is shed abroad.

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