Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Being Peggy Noonan II

Finally, Peggy Noonan has come out and spoken what everybody in the world seems to actually already know: Sarah Palin is supremely unprepared to lead our great country and John McCain's selection of her shows poor judgment, the kind that disqualifies him for the highest office in the land.

Here is Peggy Noonan on Sarah Palin in the Wall Street Journal.

Perhaps the brilliant speech writer for President Ronald Regan, with whom I do not always agree, can return to the honor given to her as a respected journalist. I, for one, am happy that she has gotten off the fence and wrote what the rest of America and the world already knows.

That first article of praise for Sarah Palin was quite disturbing and downright nauseating. (I wrote of my disappointment in another post, Being Peggy Noonan.) Thank you, Ms. Noonan.

This is a great article, not because it agrees with my position but because it speaks undeniable truth. Sarah Palin is completely unprepared to lead our great country and John McCain, through bad judgement, is also not prepared to hold the highest office in the US.


John O'Leary said...

Judith, I shared your reaction to Ms. Noonan's two evaluations of Sarah Palin. Nice to hear folks from within the party raising alarms about SP's qualifications. On a related thought, I wonder if we'll live to see a more moderate version of the GOP. 35-40 years ago the term "liberal Republican" - applied to Nelson Rockefeller, among others - was not an oxymoron. Many of that group were fiscally conservative (nothing particularly shameful about that in my book) and socially liberal.

judith ellis said...

You make a great point, John. I am most certainly fiscally conservative and socially liberal. Your point is exactly what Colin Powell was speaking of on Meet the Press. I find it very distressing that some are saying that Powell's opinion was based on race when so many people of all races, including many white Republicans, have come to the same thoughtful decision.

Mrs. Noonan lost a bit of respect in my view. And, it had little to do with her many conservative views but more to do with what we all know about Sarah Palin. Although I am happy that Noonan finally spoke the truth, I remain disappointed in her initial action which clearly went along party lines. I appreciated Kathleen Parker, for example, for her honesty and bravery. Many Republian women have simply not said anything. They have been wiser in my opinion.

John O'Leary said...

To this day I still don't get Noonan's idolatry of Ronald Reagan. He had his gifts to be sure, but you can backdate so many of our country's woes to his administration. But more on that on another occasion.

judith ellis said...

I agree with your assessment on President Regan's policies. Idolatry of any man, not sincere respect and appreciation, generally points to something cynical or unbalanced.