Sunday, October 19, 2008

Being Colin Powell

Colin Powell seemed quite uncomfortable delivering that infamous speech before the United Nations, twisting his mouth to say that he believed that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq when it clearly appeared that he was at odds with his own administration. Being a good solider he went along with the requirement of the administration and lost a little something, perhaps a lot of something, in the eyes of many Americans, Independents and Democrats alike. It was torturous to watch.

This morning Colin Powell will endorse Barack Obama on Meet the Press. I wonder if the good solider will regain some of the lustre he lost among Democrats and Independents who would have undoubtedly casted their vote for him as the President of the United States. I also wonder, after serving with such honor and distinction for so long, if he will join an Obama administration, bringing his years of moderate conservatism to balance what many think will be a very liberal administration. I, by the way, believe that Obama will be a centralist.

Colin Powell is an honored general who has long been a favorite of mine as he served our country with great distinction. I will watch him on Meet the Press this morning and would hope that he would join the Obama administration should Senator Obama serve as our next president.

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