Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Being Prepared to Lead IX

Sarah Palin recently on CNN said that she doesn't talk about her "executive experience a lot" but the reality is that she does "has more executive experience than Barack Obama." Who gives a flying f*#^? (You will pardon me, please. I have never felt like swearing so much in my entire life.) Such arrogance, brazen ignorance, and utter lack of curiosity is maddening considering what our country is now facing and the potential that this woman could some day be the president. Millions of Americans chose Barack Obama. One man chose Sarah Palin.

The reality, as many thoughtful rational people see it, is that it doesn't matter what Palin's executive experience has been and how long she has had it. She does not understand government. She does not understand policy. It is painfully obvious that Sarah Palin is either dumber than dips&*% or just completely out of it. (Have her medical records been released?) Either way, we would be in deep trouble! It's rather clear why she hasn't given a press conference. She can't.

In another recent interview Sarah Palin was asked by a third grader through a report about the role of the vice president. Her reply was that she was going to usurp the constitutional position of the vice president and become a legislator of the Senate. Well, she didn't say that. She didn't have that knowledge. But in response to the third grader she did indicate that the "vice president is in charge of the U.S Senate" and that she was "going to get in there with the senators and make a lot of good policy changes." The vice president is not in charge of the Senate and has no legislative authority. She clearly does not understand the Constitution.

If you can bear it, here is Sarah Palin in the interview:

America, this is more fodder for SNL! But this is in reality really scary stuff! There is a very cynical operative at work here, a sheer brazen ignorant determination to turn our reality into fantasy. Well, it's not going to happen. We know to deeply that Sarah Palin is not in any sense what the country needs and that John McCain by his vice presidential choice alone makes him unprepared to lead as well.

For those who are offended by my very specific non-specific words here, I beg your pardon in advance. I also ask that you, including my reverent siblings who are readers of my Blog, would pray for me. Many have gone to God on my behalf before. So, don't stop now. But you may have to do so a few more times. The cynicism in this choice is maddening and quite frightening.

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