Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Being Deceived II

Perhaps I was a wee bit too gentle earlier with the 75 year old woman at the McCain rally who called Senator Obama an Arab, as if it was a dirty word. The voice of my mother is now re-playing in my head. "Honor the hoary head," she would say. Seeing this grandmother's face and hearing her words make it difficult but I will try.

As you listen to the clip below as she expands her explanation and knowingly perpetuates lies, it is assured that she is not being deceived at all. Rather, she willing believes the lies about Senator Obama, flatly rejecting Senator McCain's "conciliatory" words. Perhaps she too saw through the insecurity.

Imagine taking out the time to send 400 people letters that are full of lies. Since it is obvious she is not wise enough to realize that she should be ashamed, I wonder if her children and grandchildren are ashamed for her. Probably not. She spoke of her many children and grandchildren in the video who are with her. What a legacy!

Ignorance is bliss and it can be dangerous too, even coming from a senior citizen.

Age should teach wisdom, but I am hard pressed to see what age has taught this woman. She is mostly certainly not being deceived. In fact, she is a willing participant of deception who spreads lies freely. C'mon grandma. I wish I could say it ain't so. But here you are in your own words influencing the next generation in your family who are oblivious to your rabid ignorance.

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